Libelle Mail Archive Manual

How to avoid archiving unwanted mail

There are two ways to prevent messages from particular senders being archived. Which one is most suitable for each sender depends on where the sender is and how much traffic each sender generates.

Add a reject parameter to maloader.conf

This is best used to prevent messages received on a daily basis from being archived. This is a low cost approach because the list of rejected senders is held in memory and is checked as soon as the message headers have been parsed. It has no effect on messages that have been previously stored in the Libelle Mail Archive database.

Suitable candidates would be system generated messages, e.g. logwatch reports.

Mark an archived address as Not Archivable

This is intended to prevent less frequent messages from external senders being archived. Use MAUpdate to unset the Archivable flag on the sender's address.

NOTE: Doing this has two additional effects on the database: