Libelle Mail Archive Manual

Download and install prerequisite programs and Java packages


The Libelle Mail Archive requires a number of programs and Java support packages to be installed before it can be run. In the following lists the version column gives the version of the component that was used during Libelle Mail Archive development and testing. Earlier versions should not be used. It is probably OK to use a later version, though correct operation is not guaranteed with versions other than those shown below.

The use of Spamassassin is optional, but there are two consequences of its absence from the mail processing train. Unwanted mail will only be excluded from the archive if it has been marked as spam by Spamassassin, though it doesn't matter whether it is being run locally or by your ISP. Libelle Mail Archive can only be used as an automatic whitelister if there is a local copy of Spamassassin that can be configured to run the MAwhitelist plugin.

These programs must be installed and properly configured to run in your environment.

Name Version Source Comments
Java 6 Standard Edition 1.6 or later The Libelle Mail Archive was developed and tested with Sun's Java 6SE
PostgreSQL 8.4 or later Other RDBMS have not been tested yet.
Spamassassin 3.3 or later

The Libelle Mail Archive rejects mail that an anti-spam package has marked as spam. It defaults to using Spamassassin but can be configured to work with any other anti-spam package that adds a suitable header to incoming messages.

Automatic whitelisting requires a copy of Spamassassin because the MAwhitelist plugin is currently the only way that anti-spam packages can query the Libelle Mail Archive's whitelist.

Java packages

This list contains the packages that are directly called by Libelle Mail Archive programs. The jar files containing them, or symbolic links to the jar files, must all be included in the Libelle Mail Archive application's runtime classpath.

Many of them are distributed with additional jar files that they require to function. These must also be in the Libelle Mail Archive application's runtime classpath.

Name Version Source Comments
org.gregorie.environ environ-1.3.jar Supplied with Libelle Mail Archive application.
dnsjava 2.0.8 DNS client functions
JavaMail 1.4.3 Includes the SMTP, IMAP and POP3 access providers
JCharset jcharset-1.3 An open-source implementation of character sets that were missing from the standard Java platform.
JDBC Postgresql-8.4.jdbc4.jar PostgreSQL JDBC driver.
mstor 0.9.12 Provides access to mbox mailboxes.
Note:If any mstor mail files are accessed by MALoader, which uses them while taking-on or restoring messages and to save unparsable messages, or MABackup, which writes backed up messages to mstor format files, you will see messages about setting a default configuration output by the mstor and ehcache packages. These should be ignored.
DataDosen RiverLayout riverlayout-1.1.jar Supplied with Libelle Mail Archive application.