Libelle Mail Archive Manual

Libelle Mail Archive programs


All Libelle Mail Archive programs are run from the MailArchive.jar file, which uses the MailArchive program to launch them. They can either be run directly, e.g.:

java -jar absolute_path/MailArchive.jar MASearch [options and arguments]

Alternatively, you can use the provided bash wrapper shell scripts, run...., to run them, e.g.:

runSearch [options and arguments]

The two methods are interchangeable and can be used to run Libelle Mail Archive programs from the command line, in a shell script or by clicking a desktop icon. All Libelle Mail Archive programs explain how to use them and what options and arguments they need if they are run with the -? option. The complete list is:


Provides an incremental database backup. It is fast, because it only backs up messages added to the database since its last run. It is also database-independent, so useful during database upgrades or if you swap to a different RDBMS. A database recovery involves first using itself to reload the address list. Then MALoader is used to reload the messages. If MAUpdate is used to apply changes to the database, MABackup will enforce backup integrity by deleting all increments replacing them with a new set of increments.


Repairs faults in messages stored in mstor mailboxes. Mainly useful as an aid to preparing manually archived messages for loading into the database.


Validates messages before loading them into the database. Messages are subjected to the following tests before they are loaded:


Extracts parameter values from configuration files and makes them available to scripts.


The Libelle Mail Archive's graphical user search tool. Addresses, subject lines and body text can be searched for matching words or phrases. Comparisons are caseless. There is an AND relationship between all the search terms used. Required addresses and subject lines can be selected from scrolling drop-down lists. Partial addresses, subject lines and body text can be typed into the search box. A date range may be specified if it is known and doing so may speed up the search.

A list of matching messages is displayed. Individual messages may be selected, allowing their plain text content be read. Selected messages can be mailed to the search user. These are attached to a covering note so their message headers are preserved. Any attachments will be included and can be opened as normal by the user's mail reader.


This is a utility program that is used to update the copy of mailarchive.conf that is held in the MailArchive.jar file. It will not normally be run directly because it has a lot of site-specific parameters. It is normally run from the MASetProductionDB script, which contains and documents the site-specific settings used by all Libelle Mail Archive programs. It generates a new copy of mailarchive.conf from the supplied parameters and then runs the jar utility program to replace the existing version of mailarchive.conf in MailArchive.jar.

The program must be run each time you receive a new release of the MailArchive.jar file. This must be done before you attempt to use or distribute the new release or the programs will be unable to find the Libelle Mail Archive database.

MASetConfig/MASetProductionDB can be run as many times as needed without damaging the jar file.


Displays the complete set of Libelle Mail Archive configuration parameters. Must have access to a complete set of configuration files or it will report an error.


Libelle Mail Archive's graphical database maintenance tool. It is used to:

Access to this tool should be restricted because it can damage the database if it misused. In this Libelle Mail Archive release it can be run by anybody who has access to MASearch.