Libelle Mail Archive Manual

Setting up archive searching

Once all Installation steps up to and including step 5, Create the database, are complete the archive search program, MASearch, can be run via the runSearch wrapper script in the Libelle Mail Archive user. Any messages it retrieves can be sent to the default search user: this will normally be the Libelle Mail Archive user. It is defined by the search_user parameter in mailarchive.conf, which is stored within the MailArchive.jar file.

When the program is run the address to which retrieved mail will be sent is displayed at the top of the search control panel.

Installing MASearch for other users

The following applies to a Linux or other Unix-type operating system. Instructions will be provided in due course for running MASearch on Windows, but in the meantime the same set of steps should be carried out, modified as needed for Windows. The main differences are that runSearch must be modified to produce the equivalent runsearch.bat file and it must be placed where it can be referenced by a desktop shortcut.

  1. Make sure that the Java 6 JRE is installed on the user's computer.
  2. Install copies of MailArchive.jar and JavaMail.jar on the user's computer, placing them wherever jar files are normally kept.
  3. Copy runSearch to /usr/local/bin on the users computer.
  4. Edit runSearch so it defines a classpath that includes MailArchive.jar
  5. Define the MASEARCHUSER environment variable for the user by adding
    export MASEARCHUSER=user's mail address
    to the user's login profile.
  6. Create a desktop launcher that executes runSearch

The user should now be able to start MASearch by double clicking the MASearch desktop icon. The appropriate mail address should be displayed on the search control panel.