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The Parallax BS-2 STAMP



The BS2 fits a standard 24 pin DIL socket. It is a complete computing element as it stands. It has onboard volatile and flash memory, a ceramic resonator and a voltage regulator. It connects to the external world with 16 i/o lines. Each of these can be used for ASCII serial i/o or as a TTL level digital interface. In addition it has two RS-232 lines: one receives and the other sends serial data. These are intended for loading programs into the STAMP and for outputting debugging information but can also be used by application code as a serial interface. When it is running it draws 8 mA at typically 6-9 volts. The BS-2 can run programs of up to 600 lines of tokenised integer BASIC: the run-time package is part of its firmware. The language is optimised for the expected usage of this type of device by including commands to generate precisely timed pulses, debounce switches and conserve power by suspending itself.