Libelle Systems


Software development

System design
Requirements capture.
Logical design.
Interface specification.
Technical design
Module specification writing.
Test specification writing.
Programming: C, Java, COBOL, Sculptor 4GL
Scripting: shell scripts, awk, Perl
Testing: module, integration and regression

Database design and optimisation

Data analysis Entity-Relationship diagramming,
Design Normalisation, schema design.
Query writing SQL, ODBC, JDBC
DBMS PostgresQL, Red Brick, Sybase, IDMSX.
Tuning Performance measurement, SQL analysis, storage schema optimisation.

System management

Operating systems Linux, Microware OS-9
Services Networking, firewalls, DNS, Samba, Postfix, Spamassassin, NTP, Apache, CVS
Activities Installation, upgrading, remote management, backup strategy